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It Rains in Estonia!


Woke up this morning to the sound of rain drops on the tent, I love that sound when you are all cosy in your sleeping bag, apart from when you have to get out to go to the toilet....
The previous night I had met Per a doctor from Sweden who was camping next to me and we got chatting as you do when camping and we found we had so much in common. Similar age and outlook on life.

So whilst having breakfast, meat pastie and a Danish.. yummmy and as it was chucking it down and I needed some supplies, he offered o give me a lift in his car.
We went to he supermarket and I found "rolling tobacco" and then we went off tto the old town where the American Car show was setting up, some very cool cars and bikes, shame about the weather with all that shiny chrome.

After a spot of lunch at a very cool Pizza restuarant we went and played 10 pin bowling. Now I haven't been bowling for years and it showed, several misses and a penalty for crossing the line (what is it with me and crossing lines?, I must have an addiction...)
Needless to say I lost all 3 games but I am sure Per threw a few "no balls" just to make the score seem closer than it should have been.

When we got back to the campsite it finally stopped raining and it was time to chill.

I am convinced that sometimes in life the road that you thought you were taking turns out to be a totally different one to the one you planned..
Take mine for example, I was going to Mongolia, researched and planned it all but then it all changed.

At first I was upset and felt that I had failed but then, I would never had met Marrianna and her family and friend and Per.. I think everyone should take a long road trip at least once in their lives...
Well the sun is shining, life is good and I am going to "go with the flow"...

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Camping in Haapsula

Same campsite& owner as visited in 2003


After good breakfast of cornflakes and toast, well I am English you know..lol I set off for Haapsula and to try to find the sme campsite that my Son and I stayed at in 2003. Getting out of Tartu was much easier now that I had mapping on my Garmin Etrex, just follow the instruction!.
I stopped for Lunch just outside of Haapsula and two guys turned up on BMW's and one was English and from Winchester but now living and working in Tallin. Another random moment on the road.
We exchanged business cards and sent friend requests as they will try to ride over to meet me and go for a beer, cool..
Rode into Haapsula and found signs for the campsite that my Son and I stayed at back in 2003...

So once I had sorted myself out it was time for some proper camp food, boil in the bag Chicken & Mushroom pasta followed by coffee and Russian biscuits!

After just chilling the rest of the evening a Finish family pitched up next to me, Mum, Dad and two small children all on two Tandem push bikes and I thought I was "hardcore"

The next morning the owner even put the British Flag out for me.... After a couple of pastries and coffee it was time to sort the bike headlight out and do some washing..... This adventure motorcycling is just non stop fun....lol


Well I plan to stay here for a few days and do a bit of sight seeing and just chill, catch you all laters..

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Heading for the Estonian border

Bike repairs & chance meetings


After a leisurely breakfast I checked the bike over, tyre pressures needed topping up as did the oil and then I noticed that the headlight bulb had blown...waht a pain in the ass that was and to top it all the mounting was broken, thanks to the russian road! So after a quick "bodge " job with duck tape, I was ready to go. Then a voice in English said "I didn't expect to see a English Man in Russia".. there were a couple of guys staying at the same Hotel and the voice was from a German guy. We had nice chat and it was good to talk to someone in English.
by the time I set off it was 11.00am so I decided to head for the border at Ivangorod, with the added joy of more crap roads..lol
At a small town called Luga at a fuel stop, I met a really interesting Russian guy who spoke good English and have travelled the world. I love these random moment when you can just sit and talk to a total stranger and come away feeling good.


Arrived in Ivangorod at 6pm and drove past the Hotel once and after asking the local police for direction, I looked up and saw it infront of me!
The road to the hotel had been dug up and as I rode up my side stand "bif foot" caught and flew off into the fence! oh well another job for the morning...
After a quick shower I walked to the restuarant next door where there were two local drunks trying to eat and talk to me in Russian at the same time.. I seem to attract nutters...lol
The next morning after fixing the side stand I set off for the border, five minutes down the road. The place was empty and after the usual paperwork formalities and getting told off for crossing the white line I was told to "Go"... so I did. The Estonian border was simple, passport and "bike passort" V5 to you and I.
Then I was off, smooth roads, courteous drivers and road signs that I could read...lol
Heading for Tallin I decided to change direction and head for Tartu and I am so glad I did, what a beautiful City and I met two bikers from German, he is an actor and his wife was a ballet dancer. Great conversation and they bought me lunch. Another random meeting...

Tomorrow Ihead for Haapsalu and a campsite that my son and I camped in 2003, hope it is still there...

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On the road again

Heading North

Well it was time to get back on the road, so after saying goodbye to Kostyn who gave me a gift of one of those wooden Russian dolls and also saying goodbye to his eldest daughter, I hit the road, heading for Moscow and North towards the Estonian border.
I felt both sad and nervous at the same time, when you have spent time with really good people it is hard to leave and after nearly four weeks on the road I had got used to staying in one place more than a night.
So off I rode through Nizhni Novgorod heading for Moscow, trying to get back into the groove of the road and navigating and trying not to get killed by the crazy Russian driving! They have to overtake you if in gutless lada's. by the way the Lada is alive an well in Russian and new models are available, should you crave for one!
Well Saturday night the only hotel I pulled into only had a "Junior Suite" available, oh well I suppose I will have to rough it....
After some "Borsch" and a beer, it was off to update this blog and do some admin (washing to you non military people..lol)
The next day Sunday (four weeks on the road so far) I set off North towards St Petersburg, loads of bikes on the road and they all wave, even met a Russian on a 1200GSwhickers and he stopped for a chat and was nearly empty of fuel. So I followed him to the next fuel station to make sure he was ok. I gave him some stickers and he tried to give me some tinned food. I declined as politely as I could.
Found this great Hotel in Valdaj for the night, reminded me of Sweden a lot:
Well that's all for tonight folks, nearly uptodate...

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Update Number 2

new friends and being a tourist

After some more sightseeing we set off for Nizhni Novgorod and Marrianna's city appartment so she could get ready for her trip to Moscow. On the way we collected my water pump repair kit from the local BMW car dealers, still open at 6pm! We then had a tour of the city including the Kremlin and I found filters...yeah...

Interesting fact: Nizhni Novgorod is home of the famous Russian car the Volga...
After looking a a youtube video of what the repair on my bike entails, we decided to take it to a local bike shop. Boy am I glad we did, 2 casing bolts sheared!
At first they said maybe two weeks to fix!!! then the expert was called, Sergi is his name and he said it will be done by tomorrow..result.
The following day we picked up the bike and swapped gifts with Sergi. he got Fast Eddy stickers, a patch and a Lanyard, I got:
One slight problem as with all bikes when you take them to bits is I now have a worn clutch cable actuator or in plain English, the spline where the cable attaches to the casing is worn and I have no slack on cable so feathering the clutch is interesting but the bike is rideable.. "adapt and conquer"
That night we had a "Barbie"at the cabin with Kostyn, Vlad, Alexey and one other who I can't remember his name.. well I am old and the names don't just roll off the tongue...lol
The next few days were busy, working with Alexey on some jobs or as Kostyn calls them "plans" . Alexey and I also went to "Cinnabon" now there is a sweet touth persons heaven...
The following morning fixed the fence at the cabin and then Alexey picked me up and we went to the city again to buy gifts and to get a "Biker" teeshirt for Fast Eddy:

Seems I am famous in the City as the girl in the shop knew all about me (the mad English Man on a BMW..lol and she gave me another model bike..cool
Alexey and I have become like brothers, we have so much in common and are so so similar it is spooky. He is now my Russian brother.. he bought me 2 key rings, one BMW and one wishing me safe travels.
Later on we met Misha and his family at KFC and I bought some new casual shoes as my old ones had fallen apart. Much to the delight of my wife and daughter (the Fashion police)..lol

Well that's it for tonight, more updates to follow... this blogging lark is hard work....lol

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