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Day 3 Budapest

Smooth roads and Sun


347 miles today and the closer we got to Hungary the warmer the weather got and guess who still had his thermal liner in his jacket and trousers?..

Arrived in Budapest at 3pm local time and went for a walk to the river and stopped off at the indoor market. I love Budapest it is a lovely city with great architecture and friendly people. Even more so tonight as they beat Austria 2 -0 at football....

We decided that we had eaten enough of McDonalds on the trip so far and as I have been suitably chastised by my good friend Peter Cullen, I promise that I will never darken their doors again.... unless there is a good one in Mongolia, Peter.......lol

Tomorrow we head for Romania... and it seems the fix on Jack's bike is working so he is a happy bunny now...Hungarian_food.jpgbudapest.jpg

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Day 2 German wacky races and a biblical storms


After a hearty breakfast we were on the road by 08.30 ready to do battle with the German motorways... Man it's like wacky races, even the van drivers think they are Michael Schumacher! One minute you look in the mirror and there is nothing, seconds later a BMW or Merc goes past a warp speed...

As we were leaving Germany crossing into Austria, day time turned into night and the mother of all thunder storms started and the roads became rivers with cars and trucks creating bow waves that any sailor would be proud of....

Jack estimates we did 364 miles today and to celebrate we went to Macdonalds again and then spent the evening taking his GS apart to fix a leak from the oil cooler pipe which has been leaking slowly since Calais. All fixed now, so on to Budapest tomorrow.


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Day 1

Folkestone to Saarbrucken

storm 22 °C

Met Jack and Mick at the Euro Tunnel at 6.30am, Mick had already been there for half an hour, the boy is keen!

333 miles from Calais to the hotel in Saarbrucken on french motorways with smooth tarmac and plenty of tiny stops for fag breaks and coffee. Tomorrow we head for Salzburg, so off to Macdonalds for some traditional local cuisine!

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Thanks to my Son, I am now trackable

An early Birthday present from my son of a Delorme InReach GPS tracker means that now family and friends can follow my progress and if I get into trouble in the middle of nowhere, help is at hand. Here is the linkYour text to link here...

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More Preparation!

Having decided the route, now all I had to do was get the visa's and prepare the bike, easy if you know what you are doing!...

Thank goodness for some great websites:
Horizonsunlimited and ADVrider.

Here there are some great ride reports of people that have already done similar trips and who are really generous with help and advice.
I was recommended to use a Visa Agency for my Russian and Mongolian visa and I have to say they were really helpful and saved me a lot of time and effort. So with the Visa's sorted it was time to prepare the bike.

  • All fluids have now been changed (Brake and Coolant)
  • New Progressive front fork springs, oil, seals and neoprene gaiters fitted
  • New Mitas E08 tyres fitted
  • New fuel filter and valve clearance check
  • Side stand enlarger fitted
  • Extra Ram Mount fitted for SatNav and mobile
  • Oil and filter change
  • New heavy duty chain & sprockets
  • New Tank Bag

bmw F650GS

bmw F650GS

Additional gear for the trip:

  • Sawyer Mini water filter kit
  • 6000 mile Service kit
  • Spare cables
  • 5 litre fuel cannister
  • Paper maps for Turkey, Georgia, Russia & Mongolia.. I am old school and still love paper maps...
  • Russian Phrasebook
  • GoPro, borrowed from my Son, Thanks Luke...

Teach yourself Russian

Teach yourself Russian



So now, it's countdown time till set off day 12 June 2016......
I hope to keep a regular update of this blog on the road for friends and family subject to wifi availability... thanks for reading

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