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Day 9

The Black Sea, pulled by the Polis and wacky races part 2

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Woke up early this morning, so decided to have an early start and skip breakfast and was on the road by 07.30am. At this time in the morning it is much cooler and even more so since I took out the waterproof lining in my jacket!. Stopped at a fuel stop for a "splash and Dash" breakfast of chocolate bar and a tin of ice cold Nescafe in a tin!, I am addicted to them now! that and Turkish "Chai" tea...
Next fuel stop was a Shell one and I felt sad as my Father when he was alive worked for them and it is funny how radom thoughts come into your mind when you are on the road.. So I said to myself, "this one is for you Dad, miss you....
Once I had cleared the mountains I came intp Samsun and the Black Sea, here it was a little cooler with a nice sea breeze. The road goes through many towns and tunnels and the wacky races started, not in the same level as Istanbul but still division 1 league. It seems Turkish drivers don't like being overtaken by an English Man on a motorcycle as as soon as I had passed them, they were quickly accelerating and flying passed me to only slow down again!
Got my first pull by the old bill "Polis" today, they have a lot of check points on this road, nice guy, asked me where I was going and was I Dutch!. After several hand shakes we parted company and I was back on the road.
Shared a "rollie" ciggie wiith a couple of guys at one of the fuel stops and tried to offer them a biscuit until I realised it is ramadan but he politely refused. I love these random moments on the road, even if you can't speak the language you can still have a conversation...
Biggest mileage day today, 598kms or 373 miles and only around 60 miles to Georgia iin the morning, another border another country, bring it on..
P.S still "billy no mates" only seen 2 BMW GS's going the other way in Samsun, oh well, maybe in Georgia...Turkish_starter_1.jpgBlack_sea_sunset.jpgblack_sea_2.jpgblack_sea_1.jpg

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Day 8 "Billy no mates"

Stunning scenery and sun


Felt sad today, after being with Jack and Mick for 7 days 24/7 it seemed strange to be riding on my own. It was a real pleasure again to ride with those guys, I will miss them.. ride safe guys.
After a couple of failed attempts, I managed to find the right road and just as I asked someone if th/is was the right road, a big sign behind them confirmed it!

Once clear of Istanbul's surburbs, I settled into a routine of every 70 miles taking a break Fast Eddy taught me that and it works, you can really cover some miles and not feel shattere at the end of the day...
The Sun was out again 28C and no real breeze but it is better than getting cold and wet..... although you still get wet with Sun......

As the day went on the scenery and roads just got stunning. Riding through the plains and mountains just lifted my mood and I decided to stop somewhere in or near the mountains.
Went for a small town called Osmancik and found a pleasant "otel" (that's what they call them in Turkey and by the way, don't think "H" sign stands for Hotel, it doesn't as I found out it means Hospital!...
Well I am now chilled writing this blog and plan to head towards the Georgian border tomorrow and see where I end up..on_route_to_Osmancik.jpgon_route_to_Osmancik_2jpg.jpgIstanbul_leaving.jpg

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Day 7

Empty Bulgarian roads and Chaotic Istanbul..


After saying farewell to the other motorcycle travellers at Moto Camp Bulgaria, we set of for the Turkish border. The fastest route according to Mr garmin was a stunning mountain road with no traffic but pot holes and several sections on cobbles!.. good practise for Russia...
We arrived at the Turkish border around 12.45 and after purchasing insurance, registering the bikes and aquick search of all of the panniers we were cleared in just over an hour and on our way into Turkey...
The minute we got on the motorway the heat hit us, it was like someone was blowing a hairdryer on maximum power in your face....
Then we hit the outskirts of Istanbul!....You have to see it to believe it, utter chaotic grid lock, the bikes were getting really hot as were the riders and not a hotel insight.
In the end we set the satnav for Ankara, cleared the city and found a cheap hotel in the suburbs. After checking in we went for some dinner with some interesting starters! and chilled.
Tomorrow I head further into to Turkey on-route for Georgia and the boys are heading back towards Edirne..Turkish_starter.jpgon_the_way_to_turkey.jpgbulgaria_o..e_to_turkey.jpg

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Day 5 & Day 6

Sunshine, roadworks and cows in the road

After cornflakes, wheetos in warm milk for breakfast we were on the road to the Bulgarian border at Vidin by 9.00am. With the sun shining the border was done in half an hour and over bridge to Bulgaria. Then the roadworks began... grade 1 gravel and the front wheel is shaking like a wild thing and the dust cloud from the truck in front is blinding, no overtaking I think... relax, stay loose and it will all be fine the book says.....

Then as we pass the working girls on the side of the road we get a kiss blown and Jack gets a a leg shown, bloody whipper snapper... then we were confronted with a cow walking down the dual carriageway!...never a dull da.y on the road...
Arrived at Motocamp and we have decided to stay for a couple of nights for a bit of R&R....MotoCamp.jpgBulgaria.jpg

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Day 4 Rain and Sunshine


Jack estimates that we did 318 miles today including a border crossing which took only half an hour.

My boots had only just semi dried out and now they are soaked again and starting to smell sweet! but that's what Hotel hair dryers are for arn't they?

We have also lost another hour somewhere between Budapest and Drobet-turnu severin... I blame Basil Fawlty and time bandits.....

Rode some stunning roads today but the Romanian truck and coach drivers take the biscuit for overtaking on blind bends whilst talking on the mobile but it seems the universal hand signal for tosser is understood in all languages...

Tomorrow we head for Bulgaria and the weather forcast is sunny and 30C....Road_to_border.jpgon_the_road_in_romania.jpgHotel_in_romania.jpgHay_stacks_romanian_style.jpg

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