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Sweden and homeward bound


After what seemed forever, the taxi arrived with Jackie from the airport and we were back together again... As the hotel was close to the old town, we went for a walk to the square and had a meal and watched the world go by.
The next morning we loaded the bike and went for a ride along the coast before checking in at the port for our ferry to Sweden.
After checking in we were directed to what I thought was the boat to Sweden but after talking to another biker it turns out that we were in the wrong lane, this was the boat to Finland!.. After a quick panic, we were directed to the right lane...


After a good nights sleep, we were in Swedish waters....


After arriving in Stockholm, it was on to Varnamo to stay at our good friends Johann and Nilla, where I did a quick service on the bike assisted by Tolle, followed by a barbeque and a couple of beers.
The next day it was off to the Euro Rally site at Hassleholm.


It was great to meet up with everyone and ride out together and I even won an award... "Furthest travelled"...then far to quickly it was time to head for home...


The last night we stopped of in Brugge for a final bit of being a tourist...

Well we are home now and it seems strange to not be on the road again. I have loved my time on the road, through the highs and lows I have learned to appreciate the moment that I found myself in and realise what is really important in life.
I have met some great people on my travels who have welcomed me into their lives with open arms who I now class as friends for life. It has reaffirmed my belief that there are more good people in the world than bad and at times it has been a humbling experience.
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and hope to see you all some day soon.

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Tourist in Tallinn


Well the last few days has mainly been sightseeing in old Tallin, food shopping as I am staying in a Hostel. It's amazing how much you can microwave...

On Saturday, I was up early and ready roll and do a bit of sightseeing in old Tallinn town, I got on the tram to go to Tallinn and the fare was only 2 euros but I only had a 5 euro note, no problem I said to the driver. Then on the way back it was the same driver who didn't charge me and then stopped at a kiosk and gave me 1 euro change back! Top Man.
There were a few "party" animals still staggering around the streets after a good Friday night out but all harmlesss, one was even lying out cold on the pavement with his mate slapping him around the face to wake him up!


I also found a place to exchange all my Russian, Georgian, Turkish and Hungarian notes that I had left over, which was cool so I treated myself to a teeshirt from the market and a bowl of chicken soup in the main square. I know, last of the big spenders but hey when in Tallinn....

Back at the Hostel, I watched a young guy walking his robot!, not something you see in downtown Maidstone everyday....


Well now I am counting down the hours to when my wife will arrive.... After over six weeks on the road, mainly on my own, it will be great to be able to chat face to face, have a coffee and ciggie together and share the experience.

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Chilling and moving on to Tallin


After a brisk walk to the local supermarket, a 2km round trip I stocked up on supplies and rearranged my luggage for the fourth time! I was trying to make more space for Jackie and her luggage when she arrives on Tuesday 26th but it still seemed to much with the Tent, sleeping bag and other camping gear, so i decided on a cunning plan. I would check out the nearest International courier office as there is a major International airport in Tallinn.
Anyway back to my chilling at the cabin, it seems the caravan and campervan brigade are very cliche, other than a few polite good mornings, nobody really spoke to me. So I made some new friends.. but they were not that talkative either....

Nick my friend who lives in Germany, says he is starting to worry about the company I am keeping...lol
later on I watched a Finnish Caravaner pull in, unhook the van and then via a remote control park it! Apparently this has been around for some time. maybe I need to get out more....lol

The next morning whilst taking a shower with the usual campsite symphony of guys farting, coughing and spitting, I noticed i had two lumps on my back and on closer inspection it looks like I have been bitten or stung by something. Bloody bugs, I know that Budists don't believe in killing any livinng creature but I am not a budist, so I have now declared war! Chemicals at the ready and full cover of all skin is now required...lol

After setting the GPS for the nearest courier office at the airport I set off and within thirty minutes I was outside the FedEx office at the same time as the sales guy turned up, handy that. The deal was done, money parted and my tent and sleeping bag is on it's way to sunny England.
Whilst sorting my remaining bag out, two guys turned up in a Van, turned out to be Edelweiss Bike Travel with one of the guides and an Australian customer come to collect his bike from customs. They are starting a tour from Tallinn to Bangkok!, had a good chat and swapped "Fasteddy" stickers for a Edelweiss one.
Then it was off again to my digs for the next four days before Jackie flies in, can't wait but in the meanwhile I plan to do a bit sightseeing in "old Tallinn" tomorrow.

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Random moments & moving on


This morning I thought I would have a chilly day, sorting out my kit and planning where I was going to next. After a few days of camping you get into a sort of routine. Wake up at the same time, get a cup of tea, have breakfast and catch up on the world of emails and Facebook.
Well I booked two nights in a cabin at Saue, well I had been camping for seven nights and at my age I deserve some luxury now and again...
Later on that day the campsite owners son came over and asked if I would like to see some more of the local area. It was agreed that he would pick me up around 6pm, deal done.
On-route we came accross a three legged minature sausage dog walking down the middle of the road as you do! so we stopped, picked it up and took it to the local cat and dog home. Here the dog promptly threw up while the lady at the home was calling the dog's owner! Anyway good deed done for the day and a small contribution was given to the home, maybe most of it would be used on cleaning products to clear up what the dog had thrown up!...lol
Then it was off again to visit a local bird sactuary on the coast and visit an old Soviet Air Base. Apparently this was the Western front for them and the base had bombers as well as MIGs. Now the locals use the runway as a drag strip....

Back at the campsite it was time for some food and a cup of horlicks and off to bed (Only joking with the Horlicks)...lol
After a slightly disturbed night of banging car doors and the German chain smoking couple in the tent next to me coughing up their lungs most of the night. i got up slightly bleary eyed, packed and set off for my massive mileage day of 62 miles, "Iron Butt" eat your heart out....

I am now sitting on my porch tying this blog after a meat pizza, chocolate muffin snack at the campsite. It's a tough life....lol


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Being an English Man in Estonia


Woke up Saturday morning to bright sunshine, ah! normal service has resumed... Decided to go explore the nearby coast at Saare which was originally part of Sweden, which would explain why the houses and the countryside look so much like my travels in Sweden.

After looking at the Baltic sea, I decided a coffee and a cake was in order, so I followed a sign of a "Teapot" and ended up at a Estonian Stately home where I had an amazing slice of Rhubarb cake and a coffee.
After that it was back to Haapsula to buy some more supplies and back to the campsite to chill.
Later on a retired German guy, Wolfgang turned up on his push bike and pitched next to Per and I and we spent the evening chatting. Wolfgang was a very interesting guy, after retiring in 2012 he set of for three months on his bike down through France and Spain. All his wife said was "make sure you come back" and now every year he takes off for eight weeks.This year he is off to Finland, top guy and fit as a fiddle. I still prefer my bike to have an engine..lol
The next morning Per and Wolfgang left and I was back to "Billy no mates".... but as it was Sunday I decided to do some more washing and just chill at the campsite and pop down the road to see the American car cruising...

In the evening after speaking to Jackie, we decided to book the ferry from Tallin to Stockholm and it was a good idea we did as there was only one cabin left (someone is looking after me)
The next morning I decided to do some sightseeing and road to Virtsu where you can catch a ferry to one on the islands. Not much to see other than the Baltic sea and ferries.

On the way back I stopped at this great little coffee shop with really cool wooden sculptures.


Per had told me of a memorial to the thousands of Estonians that had been deported to camps in Siberia between 1941 and 1949 in Risti. It is a very emotional place and I took time to gather my thought before setting off back to Haapsula for a bit of Lunch.

Estonia is a beatiful country, the forests, the lakes and the people are so friendly, if you haven't been you should get yourself out here

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